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Northern Lights Club Song + Lyrics

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FlyingBulldogSide by side we play with pride, 

We are the Northern Lights

Eagles Fly, With a Bulldog bite

We are the Northern Lights

When it gets rough we show our stuff

And we tough, tough, tough, till they've had enough

For we never ever ever give up the fight,

We're the mighty Northern Lights,

(Here's a reminder)

We're The mighty Northern Lights

(We played a Blinder!)

We're the Mighty Northern Lgihts! 

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Presentation Day - Sunday September 13th - 12 Midday

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EaglesRoundLogoThe annual end of year presentation day will be at Rofe Park, Sunday 13th September from 12 Midday. Arrive early for picnic, footy fun and catching up with the Eagles family before the long footyless summer ahead. 

The AGM kicks off at 1pm, with our club-wide awards immediately afterwards. We will then split up for team awards from about 2pm which will then be followed by more footy fun, a kids vs adults AFL9s game, and other awesome activities.

We will also be taking Early Bird regos for 2016 - lock in next years footy at this years prices! 

See you there for the grand finale of the Eagles 2015 season! 

Eagles Reps Win Shield!

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Congrats to Ben Fisher, Tom Peter, Rowan Fisher, Ben Webb and Oliver Fileden who were part of the winning North West reps side at the Hunter invitational Shield! The lads played a cracking four games, to finish the tournament undefeated. Well done Eagles! Reps-Winners2

Girls Footy Kicks Off This Week!

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Girls AFLGirl Power!

Calling all girls!!!  If you are a 9-12 year old girl, it's time to play AFL! For the first time ever we are offering an all girls competition in the North-West Region. Whether you have a sister, cousin, bff or daughter - it's time to have fun playing footy!!! 

Who:                          Anyone! Daughters, sisters, cousins, friends.

When:                        Round 3,  3rd May,  10 -11am,  Mike Kenny oval.

Cost:               First 4 sessions free, and if you love it, $50 for the season!

What:                         A brief skills session then an internal modified rules game with all the other girls from the region

Bonus:                       Free Sausage sizzle for any participant - plus a free t-shirt and footy!!! 

We desperately need your support to make this work – simple turn up and enjoy! Let's show the boys how GIRLS ROCK FOOTY!!! 

Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and lets see some Eagle Girl Power!

An Open Letter To The Eagles Family

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Dear Everyone at the Eagles

You know what? I love this club.

I love seeing kids playing footy. I love how it makes them happy when they learn a skill. I love it when they figure out how to kick better, and when that kid up the back surprises you with a tackle, or a handpass or sells a bit of foot candy to kick a goal.

I love seeing a kid come over from soccer to play AFL and having the time of their lives using their arms for the first time. Or coming from rugby and being able to run in any direction they like! Amazing!

I love seeing our best players go on and succeed at the academy or rep sides, and I love watching our battlers keep going every week, and getting better at the game. I love watching them after the game line up for a sausage, and  the look on their faces when you say no to another bag of lollies.

Or yes sometimes even.

I love that the club has some really great people keeping it afloat – people I consider my good friends. You all see our amazing coaches and managers every weekend, but I’ve also been on the committee for a few years now, and we have done an amazing and award - winning job of making our club the most awesome in Sydney.

Maybe because it’s all run so smoothly for so many years, we’ve kept it hidden of how much work it takes.

We are now down to an all time low for numbers for our 2015 committee, and we're barely scraping through. Which is why that same bunch of tired faces are the ones running the barbie, or handing out jerseys or finding new sponsors or sending the emails or contacting the newspapers or putting up the goal posts.

We’re all busy. Life with kids is busy. But anytime I tap someone on the shoulder to ask someone to take on a job, their faces light up, and they’re happy to help.

Is it we’re all just a great bunch of parents just waiting to be asked?

Please don’t wait anymore. We are asking urgently now at the Eagles, because we really, really need your help. We need more people on the committee, so the people on it now aren’t covering three jobs each.  You don’t have to know  anything about AFL – I sure didn’t. You don’t need to give up your life – we need a few people that can give a few hours. Maybe you have some skills to offer - Maybe we can teach you - I don't know - but I do know we need help. 

Whether you’re in the 15s and seen it all over the years, or a first time Auskicker who’s never been involved in a club before – we need your help. On game day, and even more so during the week, we need your help. It’s fun and rewarding, for all the things listed above.  And in the end with out all us parents doing our bit – we don’t have a club. Seriously – can’t say it any clearer – The Eagles need your help.

To those of you already on the committee, or coaching, or volunteering - we thank you. For those on the sidelines - If any of this rings half true for you, please don’t think about it later. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us put you to work, helping keep the Eagles the best Junior AFL club in Sydney. The Eagles need your help.  

Thanks - we look forward to having you on board.

Cheers -and go the Eagles


 Webmaster / Coach / Events Committee / Trivial / Social Media Manager / Communications / Assistant Registrar / Committee member / Barbecue King / SportingPulse Wrangler / All round nice guy just ask me




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The Sydney Swans (well two or three of them anyway) will be at Rofe Park THIS THURSDAY NIGHT  from 5pm!!!

That mean training this week starts from 5, and we will be joined by the Swans taking us through some awesome drills and skills. From there we will have a Q+A and from there autographs, sausage sizzle and more footy  fun.

IT’S ALSO BRING A FRIEND NIGHT. Please bring a mate you want to show how awesome Footy is. Not only might you have them play side by side , but you could get a spotters prize as well!

AND AUSKICKERS – WE WANT YOU TOO! We know your season starts April 19 – but we’ll have a super session for all of you on Thursday night.

This is a great fun night to show our whole community how great AFL is, and what an amazing club we are. See you there!!!!

2014 Eagles Reps - Mighty and Proud

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This year has seen our largest Eagles rep squads. Congrats to all of our players, and coaches across all age groups for representing our club for the 2014 season. 


U 13 - Jacob Leavy, Oliver Browne, Thomas Drum - Peter Drum (coach) and Mark Leavy (assistant coach) 


U14 - Jeremy Browne, Hailey Vogrig 


U17s - Oliver Stofka, Anthony Woodward, Colin McFadden


Eagles Ump - Tom Smith



Play Like A Pro!

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4tobeatYou don't become a mega - champion overnight. The AFL have released a terrific set of videos on the basic skills of our game. Check out these awesome vids, and soon you'll be carving it up like this young Eagle beating 4 magpies!

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