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Auskick Round 1

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The dark clouds were looming but the rain held off for what was an excellent morning of introductions, skills and games. I'm not sure how we managed to pack it all in to an hour!

With two Auskick mums on the jersey and bag distribution table, the morning was able to run according to schedule. We started the day with an excellent obstacle course set up by experienced 9 year-old Aussie Rules player 'Ben' who followed this up with a great stretching session. Parent Zombies followed and despite the wall of zombies, several Auskickers were able to defy the odds and managed to slip through to the other end at least 5 times!

The split into Ewoks, Wookies and Jedis happened next with Auskickers being grouped according to their age. With a significant age spread from 4-8 in Auskick this year, the three-way split will enable us to run age-appropriate skills  stations and have Auskickers playing in game situations with children of similar ages. We find this makes Auskick easier to run and is more fun and more importantly more safe, for everyone.

The games which followed ensured that any summer cobwebs were well and truly blown off. How the Ewoks managed to play a game when many of them had never played before was nothing less than a miracle and although the more exuberant will be asked to tone down their tackling skills next week, it does signify to me that the class of 2014 has a lot of spirit!

See everyone at 8.30am this coming Sunday at Rofe Park for more Auskick action!


Coach Matt

Auskick 2014 Season Overview

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004Auskick is the junior version of Aussie Rules that represents a great introduction to the game in a non-contact and non-threatening way. Auskick is known in Australia as one of the leading winter sport options for young kids for three main reasons:

  • it is based around kids having fun in a series of skills stations that boosts their confidence and builds their co-ordination and ends with a fun game of Aussie Rules
  • the sessions are run by trained and passionate parent helpers in an organised setting each week
  • the sessions only last 1 hour on a Sunday morning - no away games and no training during the week
  • 'Jedis' (ages 7 and 8)
  • 'Wookies' (age 6)
  • 'Ewoks' (ages 4-5)

Ages for Auskick

Children aged 4-8 generally make up the core of the Auskicker group. Within that age group, at Hornsby Berowra Eagles we split the Auskickers into the following groups:

Session Times

Sunday mornings April - August from 8.30am-9.30am.

Session Location

Rofe Park, Galston Road, Hornsby Heights.

Session Format

We usually start at 8.30am with a warm-up led by one of the coaches and sometimes also with one of the older players in the club. This can involve a jog, an obstacle course and stretching.

Next up is an Auskicker favourite - the 'all-in' game such as Rob the Nest, Parent Zombies or Scarecrows. This short, fun game that we play first up serves to further warm everyone up and get them in the mood for the skills stations that follow.

After the 'all-in' game, we split the Auskiskers up into their age groups and run age-appropriate skills stations in a 3-way rotation. The skills stations usually involve relays that focus on the core skills of AFL such as running, marking, kicking and hand passing.

We then finish the session with a 15-minute game where age groups split into two teams and play each other in a simple game of Aussie Rules where the focus is on having fun, teamwork and encouraging everybody to become involved.

Introduction to U9s

This year, for those Jedis that choose to, we will be organising a small round robin with some other local teams in the second half of the season. These sessions will replace the usual Auskick session and will involve playing a game of Aussie Rules with simple Auskick rules. We trialled this last year in a simple 3-game competition and this year we will expand the competition to 6 games, where 3 will be 'at home' and 3 will be away (St Ives, Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook).

Girls and Boys

We welcome both boys and girls into Auskick.

Parent Helpers

We encourage all parents who are able to be involved, to help out during the sessions. They are emailed session plans during the week and are assigned to Station Leaders for the season. Parent helpers are given a level 0 coaching clinic one Sunday during Auskick early in the season to help refine their skills/introduce them to the basics of Aussie Rules and how it is to be taught to juniors.  Auskick T-shirts are given to parent helpers at the start of the season. Don't worry though - it's all very low-key and fun and a great way to spend some time with your child.


You can register online for our 2014 season. Registration is $110 and includes an awesome backpack full of goodies - as well as your very own footy!

Benefits of Auskick to Children

  • Children learn the fundamental motor skills for future physical activity and sports participation
  • Children learn the basics of fitness conditioning, including how to train and practise
  • Children learn the basic principles and importance of health and nutrition
  • Through specially arranged physical activities and games, some very important mental and psychological skills are nurtured. These include self-motivation, self-responsibility, self-management, persistence, resilience and a best effort always attitude
  • Through specially arranged team activities, children learn important social skills, including cooperation and respect for others
  • Contact with older children and adults provides valuable role model experiences
  • Generally, children benefit from greater levels of confidence and self-awareness and improved health, fitness and overall well-being
  • Physical activity develops motor and social skills and intellectual capacities.
  • Auskick can assist in reducing self-destructive and delinquent behaviour in young people and contribute to a more disciplined attitude
  • Community structures often serve as positive models for other community programs that rely on volunteer support
  • Physically active children are more attentive, have a more efficient memory, enhanced creativity and better learning, and problem solving and attitude capabilities
  • Auskick helps children develop to their full potential.

Benefits of Auskick to parents

  • Convenient, local opportunities for safe, quality family time that results in family bonding
  • The opportunity to engage with children and other families in physical activities and games
  • Greater social contact and interaction


"Auskick is a great way to introduce your kids to sport. It's inclusive and fun for the kids regardless of their skill level. The Hornsby-Berowa Eagles has a friendly culture and my son loves going. Plus it's at the same place and time every week which is perfect for parents. You even get a chance to meet Swans players throughout the season!" - Dan

Auskick Vs Parents 2013 - A New Hope

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2AUskick2013-655It was another sunny Auskick morning at Rofe Park for what was the final session for the season. Apart from the fact that there were no club games being held at Rofe Park that day, there was an unnerving eeriness that befell the opening address by coach Max and Coach Matt. The looks on the faces of the Auskickers were stern - they seemed to be itching to get going. Their socks were pulled high. Their shoelaces all tied neatly. This could mean only one thing - they were ready to do battle and nothing was going to stand in their way...

It was, after all, Parents v Auskickers day. The 'Grudge Match' is a well-established  tradition for the last session of the season and dates back to the Coach Tudor/Coach Phil days who instilled in the Auskickers that this was indeed the game to win at all costs.

Coach Max started the day with a great obstacle course race. A demonstration on one part of the course was ably performed by El Presidente's son Damien, who had previously announced that he was going to be a 'parent helper' for the day.

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Auskick - The Heart and Soul Of The Eagles

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auskicklogoEvery champion starts somewhere, and in AFL, Auskick is where future champions are made. Auskick is open for all keen young footballers, both boys, and girls, from the ages of 5 to 8. Every week a tailored program of fun, fitness and footy is taught by our registered coaches, teaching skills in a positive, safe, and supportive environment.

Auskickers focus on learning how to kick, pass, mark, and play as part of a team, culminating in a modified rules version of Australian Rules that keeps kids safe (no tackling!) and gives everyone the opportunity to get their hands on the ball and kicking through the big sticks!

Every Auskick player also gets a fantastic kit from the AFL – including a backpack, drink bottle, footy cards, and their very own footy! Auskickers also get to learn skills from superstar players from the Swans and Giants. Plus Auskickers have the opportunity to play at half time an AFL game, playing on the same hallowed ground as the Swans and Giants! How awesome is that!

If you have a child who might be interested in Auskick, why not register them online now with the Greater Sydney Juniors AFL club of the year – The Mighty Eagles - for the 2012 season. You can contact our Auskick co-ordinator Ian McPherson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Or come and see us at Westfields on the 29 of Jan, or at Rofe Park on our rego days – the 4th and 11th of Feb. Who knows, maybe the next Auskick champion might be you!

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