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Thank You Eagles

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Thank You Eagles


To all the Players,


Dave, I and the Coaching team would like to thank every one of the players for a remarkable year. Today wasn't the outcome we have all worked for, however without a fully fit team and some unfortunate injuries, it was always going to be tough getting over the line. Riverview were worthy winners today, but this should not be any reason for you not to hold your heads high.


To all the boys who are moving onto Seniors next year, we wish you the very best and know that you are all equipped to succeed at the next level and the club looks forward to the other players becoming the senior group of next years’ U16 team.


The Coaching team have been so proud of how you have all conducted yourselves throughout the year, the boys who stepped up to leadership positions, the way in which every player improved, played their part both as individuals and as a group and the successes throughout the year.


We understand your disappointment at today's result and know that this experience will make you hungrier and tougher next time you make the finals.


No-one should be ashamed of their efforts, as we know how committed you have all been and how you have all taken feedback positively to lift your game, willing to learn, willing to lead!


We wish Jourdan a speedy recovery and do hope that Daniel is not hurt too badly and gets out of hospital soon following his clash today in the first few minutes of the game. We also thank a number of other players who took part today, even though they could have taken the easy option to not play given that they were struggling with injuries - this is dedication and we thank you!


Again guys, you have been tremendous team and a delight to coach, you are respectful young men and we wish you every success in the coming years. We hope to see you all at presentation day and if you are available, we would ask you to go along to next weeks’ grand final to support our younger team mates in the U12's who have their chance to win a GF.


Thank you Eagles


Wayne and Dave


29.7.12 R15 vs North Ryde

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North West Suns

North Ryde































Goal kickers –Kieran Murray 6, Jesse Vidot-Coleman 5, Jake Della-Pietra 2, Harri Gregor 2, Chris Allan 1, Andrew Allan 1, Joe Robinson 1, Sam Woodrow 1, BB Newark 1.
Match Report – Scott Della-Pietra
Your faces as you walked off the ground today after the final siren said it all boys - a great win where  you ALL contributed. It was fantastic to see you all patting each other on the back and hi fiving one another - and the way you played reflected in the final score - TEAMWORK won the game for you pure and simple. The talking in particular was excellent guys - and you clearly had fun! Isn’t footy great when you all turn ON and everything just clicks together? You start helping each other - then the leads and the passing and the kicking just fall into place  -  and lets not forget the shepherds and looking for each other leading into open space, it was exciting to watch!
We started the game really well for a change and basically shut Nth Ryde out of the game from the first bounce - Jesse in the ruck was very strong all over the ground as always, and took some great marks.
Kieran saw heaps of the ball and converted alot of opportunities - not sure how many goals you finished with pal but it was at least 4, and the drop punts are getting straighter!
Chris ran hard all day and used his pace to make some incisive runs both in defense and attack, his big, penetrating kicks often setting us up further down the ground - well done mate, excellent game.
Special mention goes to a select group of 'terriers' who spent alot of time on the ground winning the loose ball for us and showing true desperation when taking some excellent marks - Nathan, Jacob, Byron, James, BB and Harri - well done guys. Its also worth mentioning our 'engine room' backs Andrew and Sam - you both kicked goals when shifted up forward, great to see !
Last but not least we can’t leave out number 19 - Jake I think his name is. His vision when kicking to players in open space and his reading of the play when doing this was impressive. His overhead marking in particular was very strong, but most pleasing was the way he talked, encouraged and directed players around him. Well done mate - great game....
On today’s form boys you would give every team that's beaten us in Div2 a real scare. Try and therefore remember your contribution today - if you maintain the confidence in yourselves and each other we will definitely finish the season on a high note...

R14 Vs North Ryde

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Round 14 Hornsby Eagles 10.13.73 defeated North Ryde 10.11.71


The Eagles won this game by a very narrow margin holding off a late challenge by North Ryde in a thrilling contest.


We entered the game without key players in Jourdan, Christian and Ollie P and fronted up to a North Ryde side that pulled in some players from their Div 2 side ensuring an evenly matched contest.


Injuries during the game to Daniel, Jack and Tobias also evened out the contest between the two teams.


Daniel got off to a flyer, by far the best on ground during the first quarter repelling the ball into attack, running at the contest with a clean pair of hands and giving off to teammates. Tom also led the way showing us that he is accountable, getting to the contest and finding free space all over the ground helping the team to take an early lead.


Young Chris Allen started well, opening his account by kicking accurately for an early goal. Liam was also in the action adding more goals to his high season tally. The Eagles were certainly on top in the opening quarter, clearing out of the centre five times and entering our forward 50 on thirteen occasions kicking three goals in the process.


North Ryde fought hard to get themselves back in the game over the next two quarters and were constantly being turned back by Conor, who had a sensational game, taking 8 marks, 5 contested throughout the day.


Dylan continues to get better each week constantly finding ways to stop his opponent, taking on the contest and clearing the ball off to a team-mate. Jeff, in his second game back showed guts and determination, tackling with one arm and finding space, giving our midfield plenty of options.


The centre structure continues to improve each week with Brett running hard all day, laying some fabulous tackles and taking the chance to pop one through the big sticks himself.


Woody dominated the statistics but more so, thwarted the Ryders time after time, getting the turnovers, winning the ball at the stoppages, transitioning into attack with the support of the big man Dom, who never gives up – his second and third efforts each week shows us why he is the most feared Ruckman in the competition.


Going into the last quarter, the Eagles had a slight advantage on the scoreboard, Jack had moved up forward to rest his groin, Daniel who came off in the third quarter after hurting his foot was subbed out of the game.


The game was thrilling for the supporters to watch with both sides manning up and finding ways to springboard onto attack. Clarkey and Conor had their hands full, Toby took some telling marks, one which started a string of play in which the Eagles scored a goal, Tobias returned to the field following an eye injury and got back into the thick of things along with Nic.



Jake, Blake, Max and Ollie S stuck to the game plan allowing us to create opportunities up forward with Hayden giving nothing to his opponent.


The Eagles grabbed the advantage early and looked to have the game in hand until the final few minutes in which the Ryders kicked a goal to narrow the margin to 8 points and went forward again in the dying minutes only to see Conor taking what every man, woman and dog at the ground thought was the “Mark of the Year”, only to hear the umpire call play on. Even the Ryders coaching bench could not believe the call, which nearly caused an upset with the Ryders picking up the loose ball from the marking contest and slotting it through the goals.


The boys in the middle had to certainly dig deep and found a way to lock down the contest, created stoppages and had the composure to maintain possession until the final siren sounded giving the Eagles a narrow 2 point win – The Eagles bench and supporters went wild!







7 Tap out wins to North Ryde 10 and 10 centre clearances.  Hornsby won 67% of the clearances


We went inside our forward zone, 34 times for 10 goals (29% max score rate), North Ryde 34 times for 10 goals (29%).



Contested possessions: Eagles 42 v North Ryde 28

Woody – 24 Kicks, 11 Handballs, 8 Marks, 2 Tackles

Jack – 21 Kicks, 4 Handballs, 4 Marks, 3 Tackles, 2 Goal

Conor – 18 Kicks, 6 Handballs, 8 (should have been 9) Marks, 1 Tackle

Brett – 12 Kicks, 6 Handballs, 3 Marks, 2 Tackles, 1 Goal

Dom – 5 Kicks, 13 Handballs, 2 Marks


Goal Scorers: 3 Liam, 2 Chris, Jack, 1 Conor, 1 Brett, Daniel and Ollie S


Man of the Match: Conor Quinlan – Unbelievable performance, saving 5 to 6 goals, continually turning defense into attack, marked strongly at every contest – was certainly our match winner on the day.

15.7.12 R13 vs St Ives

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Round 13 Hornsby Eagles -.-.84 defeated St Ives 3.6.24


This week against St Ives saw the Eagles have a relatively easier game against an undermanned opposition. With St Ives going into the game with only 15 on the field, it meant that we had to have 5 players on our interchange up until half time.


We apologise to the players who sat on the bench for the entire first quarter and others for the second, as we could not invoke the rotation system. This was due to the Eagles controlling all of the play with only a four man forward line set up and the entire backline not getting a touch with the ball not coming down their end making it impossible to rotate.


Dave and I would also like to sincerely thank Brett, Dylan, Nic, Hayden, Ollie S and Max who without complaint played a quarter each for St Ives in the second half when asked by our Coaching group. This allowed all players to play out the second half without a bench and gave St Ives an advantage of 1 extra player on the field for that half.


The Eagles opened the game with all the play in our forward half winning the ball across the centre line and driving deep towards goal continuously, keeping to our structures in the game plan.


Unfortunately, we could not capitalize on our conversion for goal and at one stage had kicked 2 goals, 9 behinds before we put our kicking boots on finishing with 8 goals, 10 behinds to zero for the quarter.


We had to mix things up to start the second quarter as we only had 2 points before the Mercy rule kicked in. It was decided to rotate the 5 players who sat out the first quarter onto the field and rotate the backs to the forward line.


This was not ideal for the team, as we had to lose the team structure that each line group has been carrying out with diligence over the last 4 games. Though this destabilized the game plan, it also gave our players the opportunity to step up to the plate in a new position.


The changes allowed St Ives to even up the scoring throughout the quarter before we switched back to playing our team in their normal positions for the second half.


Highlights for the game included the return of Jeff from his terrible shoulder injury against Marouba earlier in the season, who delighted the fans and coaches with a brilliant display kicking 5 goals and making it look like he had never been away.


Woody was made Captain and put in an outstanding effort running off the wing, creating run through our midfield and delivering with precision to our forwards on the lead.


Conor was awarded his 100th game medallion before the game and continues to be a tower of strength in defence and took the opportunity to kick two goals when having a crack up forward.


Blake gave off the best sheperd of the day after passing off the ball and letting his team-mate convert the attack into a goal. Jack continues to work hard all over the ground, tackling ferociously while Christian was a brick wall, propelling and rebounding the ball into attack hitting his target everytime.


The team would do well to take inspiration from Dom, who time after time followed through with second and third efforts at the ball. He won the taps to follow them up, contest the loose ball and give off to a receiver, allowing us to clear out of the centre on numerous occasions.


The centre line set plays are getting better as each game passes and the boys introduced a new set play with success following practice during the week.


The forward line this week was all ablaze with Liam and Jourdan having the game of their lives kicking 9 goals between them.


Life was a little harder from a statistical point of view for the backline, but the credit goes to all the boys because our importance is not the individual stats, it’s how well they carried out their roles and accountability. St Ives entered their forward 50 on seventeen occasions and scored 3 goals. Our defenders are the tightest in the competition and continue to make the correct choices, head for the boundary, back themselves in every contest, run and deliver back up field.


This week sees us returning to take on North Ryde – we cannot get ahead of ourselves and think each game is like the last….it isn’t….we have to continue to do the hard yards, put in the second and third efforts, be accountable to each other, stick to the game plan and communicate on the field.





15 Tap out wins to St Ives 11 and 18 centre clearances.  Hornsby won 64% of the clearances


We went inside 50m arc, 48 times for 20 goals (42% max score rate), St Ives 17 times for 3 goals (17%). Our conversion rate continues to be an area we need to wok on with 30 behinds scored by us – this demonstrated that our zone worked sensationally in locking the ball in when St Ives were kicking out, though could have easily seen our goal scoring ending up a lot higher - this will be critically important for us to correct this come finals as it may be the difference between winning and losing.



Contested possessions: Eagles 46 v Baulko 29

Christian – 20 Kicks, 14 Handballs, 5 Marks, 1 Tackles, 1 Goal

Woody – 22 Kicks, 11 Handballs, 5 Marks, 3 Tackles, 1 Goal

Liam – 19 Kicks, 5 Handballs, 8 Marks, 5 Goals

Jack – 17 Kicks, 3 Handballs, 9 Marks, 1 Tackle, 1 Goal

Jourdan – 15 Kicks, 5 Handballs, 2 Marks, 4 Goals


Goal Scorers: 5 Jeff, Liam, 4 Jourdan, 2 Conor, 1 Woody, Brett, Christian, Jack


Man of the Match : Anthony Woodward – Great Captains performance, ran hard to every contest, gave the team options, spread and delivered with accuracy.

24.6.12 R11 vs Baulkham Hills Brown

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R11 Hornsby Eagles 12.11.83 Def Baulkham Hills Brown 11.8.74



In a hard fought game, the Eagles won the game in a tight contest. The team had only 18 players with Jeff still out injured, Ollie Parry not passing his fitness test, Jake fulfilling Duke of Edinburgh duties and the late withdrawal of Daniel who is still overcoming his foot injury.


This was a game that could have gone either way at half time and called for the boys to re-group, compose themselves and be accountable. Communication between the lines, commitment at the ball, spreading, creating and giving options across the ground was the turning point for us in a hard fought win.


Executing the game plan closed down the opposition scoring avenues and allowed us to transition and rebound into attack. Our conversion rate in front of goal could have put the game to bed a lot earlier, with some hurried shots that could have had a better result if the boys had communicated and informed their team mates that they had time to steady.


The game started at lightning pace with Dom, Jack, Brett and Christian controlling the centre bounce and clearing out quickly, taking the ball through the corridor, which had the Baulko boys under pressure from the word go.


Nic opened the Eagles account scoring our first goal, which was quickly followed by another two. The Baulko boys settled getting their wind up by finding loose players inside our zone (which were probably spread too wide and too close to the play), scoring easy goals by going directly down the corridor and catching us under the ball. A highlight was the great work by Tobias Hilton, who continually played his role to perfection, constantly spoiling, attacking the ball and closing down many other scoring opportunities for the opposition. In a high scoring quarter, we were four goals to five.


The second quarter was a hard slog with one goal to the Eagles v two to Baulko. We played a five man defence due to numbers and the boys stood up to enormous pressure, repelling attack and closing down the ball creating stoppages. Clarkey, Conor and Tobias worked hard with the support of the mid-filed.


Jourdan was again instrumental both in attack and down the field, switching to Centre Half Back, Jack lifted his work rate applying some ferocious tackles with Woody getting to every contest, using clean hands to pick up the ball and deliver to receivers and to leading forwards. Liam, Dom and Conor worked hard up and down the ground, delivery into the forward line improved, we used the corridor and looked for the hot spot when out wide. Unfortunately, we missed some easy goals and also passed off when we probably should have gone back to take a kick at the big sticks. Eagles up by 2 points at three quarter time.


We went into the last quarter with injuries to Brett and Jack, but the team worked as one. Blake continued to play a major part feeding and receiving the ball off from team-mates, Dylan who started in defence had moved to the forward line and played his part in leading out wide and taking his defender out of play. Tom worked hard to provide options and the midfields locked the ball into our forward line. The Baulko boys didn’t give up, gaining some turnovers, moved the ball quickly down the ground and converted with accuracy.


Brett and Christian lifted the side, Max and Toby were tight in defence, Hayden and Ollie S ran hard creating options across the ground and Nic kicked another major. The work rate of the mid field was tremendous winning eight clearances to one. Eagles by 9 points!





20 Tap out wins to Baulko’s 11 and 21 centre clearances. Hornsby won 50% of the clearances in the first half and turned it on in the second, winning 82% of the clearances (14 v 3). This was the major turning point in winning the game!


We went inside 50m arc, 33 times for 12 goals (33% max score rate), Baulko 25 times for 11 goals (44%). We constantly pressured the opposition with our forward entries, giving ourselves every opportunity to convert by being in or near the corridor, though blazed a bit rather than steadying. Our conversion rate could have easily have been higher and something to work on.




Contested possessions: Eagles 34 v Baulko 35.

Jourdan – 24 Kicks, 11 Handballs, 4 Contested Marks, 2 Tackles, 2 Goals

Woody – 14 Kicks, 14 Handballs, 1 Contested Mark, 4 Tackles

Christian – 20 Kicks, 3 Handballs, 1 Contested Mark

Jack – 17 Kicks, 4 Handballs, 3 Tackles

Liam – 12 Kicks, 5 Handballs, 3 Contested Marks, 2 Tackles, 3 Goals


Goal Scorers: 3 Conor, Liam,  2 Brett, Jourdan, Nic


Man of the Match : Tobias Hilton – great performance repelling attack, kept pressure on opposition at every contest and shut down his opponent.


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