U14 Div 2

U14 - North West Suns


1.4.12 R1 - Vs Manly

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Team: North West Suns Under 14

Match: North West Suns versus Manly

Score: North West Suns






mercy rule applied

mercy rule applied



Captain (optional): Chris Allan, Harrison Gregor,

Coaches Award (optional):

Goal Kickers (optional): Chris Allan 4, Byron Hancock 4, Jake Della-Pietra 4, Harrison Gregor 4, Jesse Vidot-Coleman 2, Kieran Murray 1, Andrew Allan 1.

Suns Shine Brightly on Debut

The inaugural game of the North West Suns at Rofe Park proved to be a greater success than could have been anticipated.

As a joint venture team this was the culmination of frenzied pre-season training and team preparation. All of which culminated in an impressive performance for the Suns.

Chris Allens first goal, scored within 15 seconds of the ball being bounced set the tone of the game. This being a goal born of team work from ruck, to centre man and a handball allowing a running goal to be scored.

Team work across the ground is what typified the performance, every individual contributing to through tackling, shepherding, accurate kicking/handpassing, running with and without the ball.

The goals came thick and fast with Chris Allen, Byron Hancock, Jake Della-Petra and Harry Gregor all kicking four a piece. The most notable of these being Byron’s goals, not just his first multiple goal haul but his first goals in competition.

The score line does not do justice to Manly, who continued to persevere with probing forays forward only to be repulsed by a half back line that refused to allow them forward in a meaningful way.

To pick individuals for particular praise would be almost impossible due to the ethic of team work that the playing group displayed during this game.

Topping a sizeable final score with a graciousness in victory that belies their age. 

Coach :

Ian Newark (coach)

Paul Hanson (assistant coach) -

North West Suns Team Song

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Team Song 

Oh we're the North West Suns 

A fighting fury 

We're the North West Suns 

In any weather you will see us with a grin (Hey!) 

Risking head and shin (Hey!) 

If we're behind then never mind 

We'll fight and fight and win 

For we're the North West Suns 

We never weaken ‘til the final siren's gone 

Like the Players of old 

We're strong and we're bold 

For we're the North West 

Yellow and Red!!! 

We're the North West Suns 

22.4.12 R2 Vs East Sydney

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Date Played: 22nd April 2012

Round: 2

Team: North West Suns Under 14

Match: North West Suns versus East Sydney

Score: North West Suns






Mercy Rule


Mercy Rule


Captain (optional): Chris Allan


Goal Kickers (optional):

Chris Allan 8, Harrison Gregor 3, Nick Wilson 3, Joe Robinson 2, Alec Vidot-Coleman 1, Nick Burgess 1, Jacob Dooley 1, Jake Della-Pietra 1, BB Newark 1


Suns Rise in the East

The NW Suns hit the road for the first time this week with a visit to play East Sydney at Trumper Oval.

Chris Allan led out a squad depleted by school holidays but including a rejuvenated Joe Robinson and new player to the Suns Nick Wilson onto a ground that was in reasonable condition considering the weather of last week.

The Suns quickly continued where they left off against Manly by dominating the centre clearances, quickly forcing the ball into the Easts defence. The pressure of the Jesse Vidot-Coleman and Jake Dooley centre work soon forcing East to yield points to the Suns persistent pressure and accurate forward line kicking.

The Suns had a strong first half across the ground with plenty of possession and goals being kicked against an opposition that really did not deserve to be 60 points behind at half time.

In the second half Easts continued to press forward when they had possession of the ball, making good use of the width at their home ground. Unfortunately for Easts, Suns continued dominance in the centre and a general upping of effort across the whole of the team after the major break allowed them only a goal and behind for the second half.

The co-captains Chris Allan and Harrison Gregor both led the scoring with notable efforts in front of goal by Joe Robinson (stickiest hands in the comp) in his first game of the season and also BB Newark, Nick Burgess, Alec Vidot-Coleman and Jacob Dooley who all kicked their first goals of the season.


Coach (include contact number):

Ian Newark – 

Paul Hanson – 

Manager (include contact number):

Brendan Gregor

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